Support processes and audits, manage errors and deviations better and build measurable and sustainable quality improvement with PREVISEC

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Support processes and audits, manage errors and deviations better and build measurable and sustainable quality improvement with PREVISEC

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For many companies, comprehensive and effective quality management is an important cornerstone of their success. With PREVISEC, you clearly bring together deviations and errors from the various organizational units and processes via reporting and interfaces. Employees are supported in executing immediate follow-up measures correctly and in a target-oriented solution, while properly documenting them. In the analyses, you find the right levers for quality improvement and measure the success of implemented measures.

Quality management without “ifs” and “buts”

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Collect and classify deviations & problems transparently

With PREVISEC, you bring together deviations and errors from various organizational units and processes in a clear structure and classify them easily. Manual input from employees can be used for this purpose, as can data that you obtain from other technical systems via interfaces. Retro-fitting is usually possible without problems via small supplementary services.
You keep an overview even with high workloads and prioritize important topics easily. The alerting function ideally supports targeted troubleshooting, especially for critical errors and coordinates on-call-duty teams and experts.

Fix errors promptly and easily

Through the central application, every employee has access to relevant topics and can contribute to the troubleshooting with their expert knowledge. Remote collaboration and the secure exchange of images, etc. are supported, using the process specifications in PREVISEC, you can ensure that a complete documentation is created and that the know-how on troubleshooting is stored in the system in a transferable and searchable form. So you ensure minimum risks and responsetimes while operating at the highest level of quality.
Shift supervisors, plant managers, management, etc. are informed of the progress as required and the communication effort remains minimal.

Schnelle Intervention und Recovery
Transfer von Know How

Transfer of know-how with PREVISEC


Standardized documentation steps, measures, etc. are provided in PREVISEC via the corresponding scenarios of errors and deviations and directly support your employees in detecting and reporting errors. Suggestions for improvement, practical tips or necessary practice-driven adjustments are directly provided as global content and automatically make experience and know-how available to every employee who might in charge of a process (error).
Thanks to PREVISEC experiences do not remain individual knowledge, but are sustainably made available to the entire organization.

Quality improvement with PREVISEC


The structured recording of all deviations enables you to perform a comprehensive analysis of any errors and their solution. This enables you to track down problems and develop approaches that eliminate the causes. The effectiveness of the recovery measures and their organization can also be made tangible displayed. With PREVISEC you can evaluate your success through implemented improvements and adjustments in no time using the analysis module and visualize your results for presentations and reporting.

Quality Improvement
Analysen in Previsec mit Charts zu Risiken und Incidents

Support certifications with PREVISEC


Errors will never be completely ruled out. With PREVISEC, you define a structured procedure for dealing with any possible deviation and integrate it into your process landscape. Using the analyses, you can demonstrate how frequently certain issues occur and how well your company is already dealing with them. In particular, your progress compared to previous periods becomes visible. Regardless of the specific standard used as a basis, the data from PREVISEC is good evidence of a functional quality organization.

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Plan-Do-Check-Act with PREVISEC

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With PREVISEC, you can start reporting errors and deviations in your new tool today.

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Unser Incident Management System basiert auf einer Web-Applikation, die jeder Mitarbeiter kennt und die auch jeder bei Bedarf nutzen soll. Nachdem ein Vorfall gemeldet wurde, werden alle notwendigen Fachabteilungen automatisch benachrichtigt und bekommen über das System alle wichtigen Informationen zu dem Vorfall zur Verfügung gestellt – und sind somit schnell in der Lage, notwendige Maßnahmen einzuleiten.

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