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Are you responsible for ensuring that day-to-day business runs smoothly? Whether you are an IT manager, service or support manager, fleet manager or operations manager of a production site – PREVISEC supports you and your employees in solving problems faster and more efficiently, minimizing costs and avoiding risks. As a result, you will be better able to focus on optimal service, maximum performance and achieving your goals.

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Ideal support for processes

With features such as SOPs, interactive instructions, forms and workflows, you can help your employees solve problems quickly and easily. This minimizes costs and avoids risks. Suggestions for improvement and necessary adjustments can be incorporated directly into the process design, securing internal know-how and reducing knowledge silos. With access to this information, you also enable new employees to quickly become familiar with the company and its processes.
Implement process changes and adaptations directly via PREVISEC to all relevant departments and divisions, minimizing communication and training efforts.

Everything under control with PREVISEC

Centralize all important content from diverse sources such as email messages, sensors, apps, other third-party applications, and central management tools (such as ERP) seamlessly in PREVISEC. Thanks to the structure of scenarios, you always keep an overview and see immediately where intervention or support is required based on the statuses of individual operations. Everything is sorted thematically and by location / department, so that employees always have their focus on the right processes. With automatic tasks, processes and reminders, PREVISEC gives you and your employees the freedom to focus on important activities..

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Easy management, high quality

With PREVISEC you have the possibility to create roles and assign them to individual contact persons. This is particularly helpful if responsibilities and processes are always to function in the same way at different locations in order to be able to guarantee a certain level of quality. Change management of process flows and also changes in responsibilities are particularly easy.
When employees take over a new role, you have the full support of PREVISEC in all processes from the very first moment. The direct connection with your service providers also ensures efficient collaboration by simply integrating the respective suppliers into the needed workflows.

Scenario planning on point

Easily create a complete, flexible and dynamic scenario planning for any possible situation with PREVISEC. This way, you prepare your organization for all eventualities and ensure its ability to act. To do this, you implement an alerting concept in the scenarios that ensures the accessibility of important resources and helps to meet reporting deadlines.
Tailored to the needs of your employees, your infrastructure and your organization and easily accessible to all stakeholders, the scenarios in PREVISEC provide the best possible support for fast and targeted responses to incidents. This helps you avoid surprises and always keep full control.
Manage the diverse communication and organizational requirements easily and efficiently with PREVISEC thanks to the integrated approach of cross-departmental collaboration with other departments, such as HR, Safety, Public Relations, IT, Customer Service, etc.
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Understand and resolve problems

Tedious compilation and manual visualization of incident data in spreadsheet tools is now a thing of the past! With PREVISEC, you can easily generate comprehensive evaluations for any location, area or category of incidents.

Find out more about costs, delays, problems and complications in order to eliminate them in a targeted manner. You can easily track the effectiveness of your implemented measures via comparison views. All data can be conveniently used for your management reports, presentations and meetings.

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Do you also want to benefit from digitization in the event of errors and problems?

PREVISEC offers the most flexible complete solution, with which you always bring together the right competencies and achieve fast results. Start optimizing a topic right away.

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Unser Incident Management System basiert auf einer Web-Applikation, die jeder Mitarbeiter kennt und die auch jeder bei Bedarf nutzen soll. Nachdem ein Vorfall gemeldet wurde, werden alle notwendigen Fachabteilungen automatisch benachrichtigt und bekommen über das System alle wichtigen Informationen zu dem Vorfall zur Verfügung gestellt – und sind somit schnell in der Lage, notwendige Maßnahmen einzuleiten.

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