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Support and prevention during pandemic-related crisis situations through PREVISEC

Communication and crisis management in organizations


Ready for use within max. 48 hours with minimal work for your organization.

Process all suspected cases, confirmed cases and other information in a structured manner and always have a clear overview – even across supply chains and other organizational connections.

Communicate demonstrably, transparently and with feedback in bulk to employees, track the implementation of individual measures or communicate recommendations for action.

Audit-proof documentation.

Situation picture and analyses allow your crisis team and management to easily maintain overview and make the right decisions and initiate measures.

Our support team and your personal contact are permanently available – support 24/7 to achieve your goals.

Prevent increased workload while complying with all rules and regulations.

PREVISEC provides the support your task force needs

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How can I, as an organization effectively implement my hygiene concept and ensure compliance with regulations?

Manual control of compliance with legal requirements and the company’s own hygiene standards within the organization is often time-consuming and, due to the situation, leads to a confusing and therefore error-prone mammoth task which, in the worst case, results in employees and customers being exposed to an increased risk of infection. In Case non-compliance is detected, a measure must be initiated, enforced and documented. In addition, action usually has to be taken quickly, so it is not always sufficiently ensured that employees can maintain an overview in stressful situations.

In addition, employees and customers/guests are exposed to risks arising from increasingly frequent conflicts when customers or guests do not want to comply with regulations, specifications or protective measures.

But, what to do? PREVISEC offers an automated technical solution and controls the implementation and compliance with hygiene measures. Violations are detected and reported to a background system. There, measures can be initiated in a targeted manner and conveniently documented without significant additional effort.

Securely implement contact data management according to the SARS-CoV-2 containment regulation with PREVISEC

In order to be able to trace infection chains but at the same time not to have to accumulate mountains of paper, PREVISEC comes up with a fast and uncomplicated contact data management that is completely contactless. This requires only three simple steps for your guests:

  • Easily scan the QR code with your own smartphone
  • Enter necessary data
  • Receive confirmation


The contact data is automatically transferred to your management system and can be viewed and forwarded to authorities at any time. Thanks to the contactless and paperless recording of the necessary contact data, you save time and keep an overview at all times while minimizing the risk of infection. Thanks to its ability to map organizational structures in a very differentiated manner, the system is particularly well suited for organizations with many locations and different levels of access-authorized persons, such as team or operations managers, regional managers, etc.


In addition, contact data management with PREVISEC is characterized by its secure transmission and storage. The data is processed exclusively to fulfill the requirements. Mixing with other information about the guest is therefore excluded. To create transparency, the privacy policy can be viewed when entering the guest data. The stored data is automatically deleted after a defined period of time (e.g. 28 days).

Kontaktdatenerfassung mit PREVISEC Registrierungsprozess mobil

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Create accreditation processes contactless with PREVISEC

In order to check accreditations before access to venues, an employee is often deployed to check the data directly at the entrance and with direct contact to the visitors. This creates an increased risk of infection and at the same time the employee can perform no or hardly any other activities.

With PREVISEC, accreditation is accomplished in four simple steps:

Step 1: Application

Akkreditierungsprozess PREVISEC Bewerbung mobil

Before the visit, service providers, etc. can visit an accreditation website via a link or QR code and enter the necessary data and the planned time of the visit. The data is transmitted to PREVISEC and provided with a process number, which acts as an identification number upon access. The applicant will now see a confirmation of the successful transmission of the data.


Step 2: Verification and approval

Akkreditierungsprozess PREVISEC Überprüfung

The data is stored in an internal process in PREVISEC and can now be checked by an employee. If everything is complete and correct, a confirmation message can be sent to inform the visitor.

Step 3: Access

Akkreditierungsprozess PREVISEC für Zutritt in Venues und Stadien

On the day of the event, the registered person goes to the established “contactless” control point. The control point is separated according to the hygiene regulations and the communication is ensured by camera or intercom. Here, the data is verified by entering the identification number sent in the mail and matching it against an official identification document. Optionally, camera / sensor systems can automatically measure the body temperature or check whether a facemask is worn. If all data match and the guest meets all requirements, access is granted.


Step 4: Leaving the Venue

Akkreditierungsprozess PREVISEC beim verlassen eines Venues oder Stadions

When leaving the venue, it is only necessary to scan a QR code attached to the exit and then enter the transaction number originally sent by e-mail. The guest is thus logged out of PREVISEC and the entire duration of stay is recorded.


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Example for compliance with the wearing of a mouth-nose protection.

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