The Incident Management System


 An Incident …

… is any happening, which does not fit your regular business processes. Due to its character it carries the potential to interrupt the latter and cause damage to the enterprise.

$ Cross-departmental understanding of incidents (Security, Safety, Quality Assurance, Corporate Affairs, Insurance, etc.)

$ Independent from whether the damage really occurs


Why manage incidents?



Fast, secure and tailored flows of information - a prerequisite for effective and quick reactions


Focus on relevant incidents and stay on top of things easily


Prevent damage as a result of incidents - secure turnover as well as minimize risks and costs of revision


Stay on top of things


The power of data: Improve resolution and prevention of incidents with smart analyses


Centralization of Incident Management

  • Maximal impact by increasing the number of reported incidents significantly
    $ route all incidents to one central platform
    $ import historic data to IMS
  • One central, cross-departmental platform for incident management supports the smallest necessary amount of communication
    $ with IMS you profit from minimized workloads through automation
  • Centralisation requires compatibility
    $ we provide you with individual interfaces to existing infrastructure

Response Enabling

  • With IMS you are always connected live to the incidents – independent from your location
    $ real-time information maximises available time to resolve an incident
  • IMS involves users only in the case of personally relevant incidents
    $ don’t lose time on incidents that don’t require your attention
  • Automated mass flows of information, ban of products, evacuations and more
    $ IMS ist your active partner within the field of incident management


Maximum Speed

  • IMS initiates incident dependant first aid measures automatically without any manual work
    $ Fast respond times thanks to a smart concept
  • Clever flow of  information: Immediate access – no time consuming search, no changing of devices, no pen&paper
    $ IMS directly provides you with all the tools you need
  • Update or support needed?
    $ here we are dedicated to the same as well: maximum speed

Proactive risik minimization

  • IMS analysis tools enable you to recognize negative trends at an early stage
    $ minimize the impact and stop unwanted trends
  • Prevent incidents from emerging through preventive measures
    $ IMS gives you an idea of what to do
    $ Prevention instead of revision
  • Having a strong partner at your side increases your own sovereignty in difficult situations
    $ IMS helps with its presence: For employees, customers and managers


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