The name says it all – that much should be clear. We do never disregard this principle in any of our products.
But who is behind “SMART DATA” and what actually makes our company?

Of course, texts cannot replace a personal exchange and cooperation in a project, but we want to try to give a tangible impression of ourselfes on this page.

You have read through here and a question remains open? Call us or send us an e-mail – we are happy about every contact! Which brings us directly to the first point:

We live openness.

Of course, there are limits that may be defined and must be respected for reasons of confidentiality or security. Nevertheless, we are always available for feedback, questions and suggestions and take every message with the same importance. In the same way, we reflect back our suggestions and points of view bluntly. This puts our development and implementation work in projects as close as possible to involved partners and customers. Moreover, it is one of the key foundations of our working culture and is tangible for employees every day.

No problem can't be solved.

the solution may just not be achievable immediately and in this exact constellation. Nevertheless, we are happy to listen to both direct and related problems and help wherever we can with ideas, tips, our network or our own skills. We are convinced: Joint success is the most beautiful success!

By the way: If a solution should be feasible with us and we think a product does not fit your requirements, you can rely on us to be honest about that.


Honesty is an important concern for us, especially in collaboration. We cultivate an intensive cooperation with lots of suggestions, ideas and feedback, in which everyone can rely on the other. “I didn’t dare say that” is the only one thing that no one should ever have to say at our company, regardless of whether they are an employee, partner, customer or third party.

Full commitment.

When we tackle something, we do it ‘all in’. With full energy, enthusiasm, a plan and a vision. In our projects, it is particularly important for us to understand which goals are being pursued and what challenges must be solved in order to deliver our maximum contribution to success.

For mutual success it is important to support each other. Everyone can count on us to do our best not to leave anyone hanging.


Our headquarters are located in Darmstadt. Exactly, “oh there near Frankfurt”…. Wait a moment!

We deliberately choose the location of the “Digitalstadt” with its numerous initiatives and knowledge institutions in order to stay on the ball in the development of our own products and offer our customers the highest quality and state of the art tech. Especially on important technological topics such as AI, cybersecurity, robotics and sustainability, experts and real pioneers come together in Darmstadt. Being embedded in the entire Rhine-Main-Neckar region also provides us with first-class connectivity and accessibility, sufficient and high-quality resources as well as suitable infrastructure.

Furthermore, we maintain a cross-regional network with valuable players in technical fields of work as well as specialists from application fields of our products. We seek intensive exchange on current topics and challenges, experiences and, last but not least, continuous improvement.

Get to know the team of SMART DATA Germany

Alexander Berger

Einfach machen.

Soukaina Dardar
Junior Developer Backend & Security

Kreativität und Proaktivität.

Chung-Sil Lim
Senior Developer Full Stack

Stay curious!

What do we do for…

our employees?

We expect the fullest commitment from our employees. To achieve this, we always try to create the best possible conditions and provide superior support. This begins, of course, with the culture and working atmosphere and ends with seemingly minor details such as flexible working hours, home office arrangements, catering and joint activities. Combined with exciting, varied tasks and continuously new challenges, this forms a team that is fun to be a part of. Newcomers to our company can count on special support.


As a young company, we have so far decided against acquiring certificates in accordance with the relevant standards. Nevertheless, over the years we have implemented an effective concept that includes dedicated error management as well as continuous improvement in terms of quality management. All our processes are standardized and documented, so that each procedure is clearly addressed and supported. Measures for improvement are always developed and implemented in cooperation with various responsibilities so that they have the best possible effect in our adapted agile workflow.


As a provider of solutions that are used in the areas of corporate security, safety and crisis management among others, it is of course particularly important for us to be able to act and support customers in critical situations. We are therefore constantly working on improvements in the areas of security, cybersecurity and safety in order to increase our resilience and safeguard our ability to act. Of course, this also benefits our employees: Useful tips for private live can be derived, and the exchange and joint work on such topics promote general awareness.

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