Next level prevention & awareness with the PREVISEC Training App

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Provide difficult topics in an attractive way

Uncomfortable topics that people don’t like to think, read or hear about are difficult to communicate. The playful app solves this problem and increases the net time employees spend dealing with such topics.

Erhöhte Motivation durch ein spielerisches Umfeld

The app’s playful environment encourages use and stimulates the will to improve. The ability to adapt the app and challenges to suit your own company is important.

Create the necessary awareness

Attentive employees are the key to more prevention and a safer environment in your organization. That’s why it’s important to heighten senses and establish routines. A high level of awareness can prevent many incidents and helps identify problems and initiate solutions.

Making successes and backlog visible and readjusting

The measurability of the game-based activities gives you a good overview of the current state of knowledge. Based on this, you can adjust focal points, use other methods in a targeted manner or intensify content. The success is measurable.

Flexible design of content and challenges, adapted to individual needs.

It’s not just any learning app, it’s your app. And if there’s something that particularly motivates your teams, there’s a way to use it here. You can’t get more branding and control than that.

Stimulate long-term use with high involvement, sustained engagement with content.

A training course can be as interesting as it may be: Much of the long sessions cannot be retained directly. PREVISEC consolidates content and makes it become part of your life.

Deepen knowledge & action in a targeted and sustainable way

Zielgenau und Treffsicher schulen und üben

With PREVISEC Training & Awareness’s content manager, PREVISEC Training & Awareness gives you a simple, digital management portal in which departments can contribute and adapt their content as needed, while training experts keep track of learning packages, challenges, and target groups. Adapt content as needed at any time or add to it with just a few clicks. Use the app in your own corporate design to playfully convey the content to your employees in various modes. Create and design company-specific challenges to motivate your employees to participate. In this way, you increase the involvement of the target groups and create sustainable engagement even with topics that are difficult to communicate. Measure success with the comprehensive analyses and KPIs on a group basis and determine specifically where you need to catch up for various topics.

The PREVISEC Tranings app is optimized for content on the following topics

Accidents at work, occupational safety measures, first aid, other rescue/emergency situations, safe way home, hygiene rules, dealing with conflicts of various forms (insults, bullying at work, discrimination, …), sexual harassment, product safety, evacuations, fire, CO² alert, human factor IT security (correct behavior as a user), compliance issues, dealing with rule violations by visitors, and many more.

The PREVISEC training app: Full success at all levels

Mitarbeiter Management

Management Level

Say goodbye to inaccurate analyses of conventional training methods. The PREVISEC Training & Awareness App increases the measurability of training measures, so that you always have an overview of the successes your employees have achieved with the PREVISEC Training App. In addition, you receive proof of training on legally mandatory topics.
The clear dashboard provides all necessary KPIs, gives a detailed overview of whether the training target has been met and reveals gaps in sensitive areas with just a few clicks. In the long term, the increased awareness of your employees will lead to a reduction in internal incidents and the routine management of external influences.


Mitarbeiter Human Resources

HR Training

Use the possibility to prepare employees for the daily challenges in your organization even outside of training courses, etc.  Convey content specifically to relevant groups, teams, departments and divisions. Create challenges to test knowledge levels and refresh existing knowledge or establish new content in a fun way.
Best of all, you create your own content and strengthen employer branding with the PREVISEC training app in your corporate design. Measure successes using the easy-to-evaluate analytics and KPIs on a group basis. Training objectives are thus better allocated and urgent topics with a backlog are quickly identified. Your employees can freely allocate their training time and the net training time is increased, while you can better allocate resources and specifically measure the effectiveness. 
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The PREVISEC Training & Awareness App enables you to train flexibly and to acquire or deepen relevant topics around corporate and occupational safety, hygiene, IT security and correct behavior in dangerous situations or to refresh your knowledge again and again.
For this, you do not have to work through pages of scripts and documents, but conveniently use the PREVISEC Training & Awareness app and take on the challenges provided by your company. Through the lively design and your active participation, you unlock knowledge more easily and consolidate existing content in the long term. Act calmly, safely and routinely in stressful, dangerous and problematic situations by regularly using the PREVISEC Tranings app. Since many topics are also applicable in the private environment, you benefit twice.


Problemstellung Training und Awareness

Know more: What are the challenges of bringing safety-related topics closer to your own employees?

  1. Knowledge of operational and safety-critical processes, behaviors and necessities often touches on “uncomfortable” areas. People do not like to deal with this and increasing the intensity of this relationship is difficult in “teacher formats”.
  2. When training employees, there is often little time left for safety-related topics (apart from occupational safety). Having a signed instruction from every employee is good from a legal point of view, but not helpful from a practical point of view. How do the contents really reach the employees?

  3. Changed framework conditions sometimes make it necessary to quickly disseminate “new” knowledge in the organization (e.g., a pandemic). Personal training, documents, etc. are only of limited help or possible here.

  4. Continuous learning is the dogma for knowledge transfer of our time. But in which working day is there really time for this on a regular basis? Especially when it is not about one’s own qualification but “hygiene skills”?

  5. Training courses, seminars, etc. make sense for many applications and target groups. However, they often consume resources unnecessarily and present a rather boring image to the participants. Designing content attractively and conveying it in a way that conserves resources is a difficult task!

  6. In most organizations, it is not possible to measure which internal target group has which level of knowledge, where improvements are effective, and where there may be a need to catch up. This makes it difficult to manage content precisely, and the “watering can principle” often prevails.

Companies that already use PREVISEC successfully

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Unser Incident Management System basiert auf einer Web-Applikation, die jeder Mitarbeiter kennt und die auch jeder bei Bedarf nutzen soll. Nachdem ein Vorfall gemeldet wurde, werden alle notwendigen Fachabteilungen automatisch benachrichtigt und bekommen über das System alle wichtigen Informationen zu dem Vorfall zur Verfügung gestellt – und sind somit schnell in der Lage, notwendige Maßnahmen einzuleiten.

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Do you already know our PREVISEC Trusted Partner Program?

The PREVISEC Trusted Partner label indicates independent partners who can demonstrate possible applications for PREVISEC Incident Management in their company and products that have been tested in use with PREVISEC and that promise added value as an integration with PREVISEC. Wherever you see this label, you know what you can rely on.

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