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Event venues such as soccer stadiums or festival halls, etc. are often difficult to oversee work areas due to their size and structure. This particularly affects the security companies, the club or organizer, logistics, catering, police and media. Communication between the parties involved takes place at many different interfaces and is not always consistent; the result is a slow flow of information. In addition, frequently changing personnel are employed who cannot establish know-how and therefore do not execute processes in a standardized manner. The result is often a loss of quality, which is not least a disadvantage for guests and fans and makes the venue experience less impressive.

Take your everyday stadium life to the next digital level

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Reporting incidents made easy

With PREVISEC, you give your employees and service providers an easy-to-use tool to report incidents of any kind discreetly. These can be technical problems, property damage, organizational challenges, quality deficiencies or threats such as fights, theft or even sexual harassment and bullying. The direct assistance and the certainty that all necessary communication is done automatically and immediately, if needed, support will be organized as fast as possible, makes PREVISEC a popular companion for personnel. Due to the ideal organization, time and costs are saved and employees can concentrate on their actual tasks and fulfill them in the best possible way.
The design of the system makes it easy to integrate a central control center into the processes and to outsource tasks to it.

Stay always up to date and focused

When preparing and staging (sports) events, many different responsibilities are on site. This leads to the fact that important documents and persons can be distributed over the whole event location and thus important information reaches the appropriate places only with delay. 
PREVISEC helps you to prepare events in a consistent and standardized way. All information and documents are available digitally and centrally in PREVISEC and can be viewed at any time by the relevant areas and persons according to the need-to-know principle. This eliminates tenacious information flows and the implementation of measures at short notice. With PREVISEC you break down silos of know how and define standardized processes that are available to everyone who needs them.
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Ability to speak in any situation

Fan riots, mass panic or even a terrorist scenario are just a few examples in which managers and directors need to be able to speak to media or officials.
With PREVISEC, you ensure your organization’s ability to speak and based on valid information in case of any incident that requires it, minimizing reputational risks. All stakeholders are automatically informed according to your definitions and operational units do not waste time on communication, but can contribute to take care of the management of the situation.

Handle fan complaints confidently

Report fan complaints and requests instantly at any touchpoint and resolve potential conflicts professionally with PREVISEC. As employees create incidents in PREVISEC, assistance in terms of SOPs becomes directly visible and supporting agencies can be easily involved.
With the help of easy analysis functions, you get an excellent overview of the complaints and derive targeted measures for an even better fan service.
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Analysen in Previsec mit Charts zu Risiken und Incidents

Targeted analyses of all processes

Analog records such as checklists or other paper-based process data and inconsistently managed documentation can hardly be analyzed. This means that the potential to identify and implement opportunities for improvement is lost.
With PREVISEC’s digital documentation and process management, you are provided with numerous analysis options to improve, change or replace processes based on your observations and thus optimize the event organization in the long term. In addition, preventive measures can be derived that raise security and the venue experience to a new level.
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PREVISEC supports you in every situation


Fan riots
Power outagel
IT failure
Cash register failure
Ignition of pyrotechnics in the stadium
Cooling & ventilation system failure
Reservation system failure
Quality deficiencies
Supply shortages
Fan complaints
Material damage
Fraud with counterfeit money, credit cards or vouchers
Medical emergencies
Product Lockouts & Callbacks
Safety warnings
Risk to operating times due to damage
Quality management
Guest data collection
Sexual harrassment
Physical confrontations
and many more…

Do you want to digitally support events, map risks and hedge your ability to act?

PREVISEC vereint die Anforderungen als Plattform für Ihre Prozesse und Incidents.

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Unser Incident Management System basiert auf einer Web-Applikation, die jeder Mitarbeiter kennt und die auch jeder bei Bedarf nutzen soll. Nachdem ein Vorfall gemeldet wurde, werden alle notwendigen Fachabteilungen automatisch benachrichtigt und bekommen über das System alle wichtigen Informationen zu dem Vorfall zur Verfügung gestellt – und sind somit schnell in der Lage, notwendige Maßnahmen einzuleiten.

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