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In addition to the native possibilities of incident management, PREVISEC can be connected to a wide range of systems and sensors. From the detection of masks, the measurement of body temperature, the recording of contact data, to sensors for monitoring lines and machines in production, to employee apps, CRM and alert management systems – with PREVISEC you keep an overview and stay in control when things get rough.



More efficiency thanks to integrations and automatisms

Ideal overview and ability to act thanks to consistent centralization

Performant and secure connectivity

Application-specific services that benefit from the platform’s standard processes 

Guest data management

Whether in the catering industry or at events. PREVISEC enables GDPR/ DSGVO-compliant contact data collection according to SARS-Cov-2 containment regulation. Three simple steps save time and avoid stacks of paper and high costs due to printing, filing and disinfection:

  1. Scan QR-code,
  2. Enter data,
  3. Receive confirmation.

The collected data is stored in PREVISEC Incident Management and can be easily transmitted from here to the responsible authorities. After a defined period of time (e.g. 28 days), the data is automatically deleted, depending on your countries requirements.

Mask detection

There is no need for a dedicated employee to check the mask requirement. PREVISEC enables automated detection of the wearing of a mouth-nose protection at the entrance of retail stores or event locations or at gastro-dispensing points on the premises. The request in case of violation is automatic (e.g. visual) and thus saves time and reduces the potential for conflicts enormously. The detection can be easily integrated with existing camera systems. If there is no own camera system at the planned location, these can be ordered separately.

Monitoring services

Some systems may not be able to generate messages such as errors or aerts themselves and are “passive” in that sense.. In addition, you may want to check the regular receipt of certain messages or values in order to be able to react to them if necessary? PREVISEC offers the solution for such cases: Use the possibility to integrate small, individually set up routines or services with PREVSEC and actively query values and systems, compare them against target values or states and, if necessary, react with individual measures should deviations occur. The feasibility and the best solution must be decided on a case-by-case basis – our team will be happy to support you in developing and connecting services tailored to your use cases!

Fever measurement

In order to identify persons with increased body temperature, PREVISEC offers the possibility of a body temperature measurement by means of a sensor, which can be easily installed at, in front of or behind turnstiles, or in entrance areas. The measurement of the body temperature serves as one of the possible criteria for the detection of an infection with SARS-CoV-2 and helps you to successfully implement your own hygiene concept in order to interrupt infection chains and to ensure protection for customers / guests and employees.

Integration of information sources

As a platform, PREVISEC offers you the possibility to use interfaces to easily collect all information of value for incident management. For this purpose, basic data about the organization (such as locations and assets), as well as responsibilities can be imported and updated via any information system. In addition, software systems (such as reporting or employee apps, detection systems, alarm management systems, etc.) can be connected to generate information on incidents. The technical connection of systems such as fire alarm systems, access systems, intrusion detection systems, camera systems, and many more also helps to realize lean processes. This minimizes the manual effort required to create incident reports and ensures fast responses. Important elements in the documentation can also be provided automatically.

Central data source for all systems

PREVISEC is your central data source for all systems. It allows subsequent systems to gain advantage of data stored in PREVISEC. Individual solutions can be connected for notifications and alerts, thus reverting to the existing communication channels in the company. The scenario-based control in PREVISEC automatically addresses the right distribution lists and eliminates the need for manual triggering of alerts. In the analysis, the data on incidents can be an important element in an overall risk assessment and can be integrated via an interface.

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