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With PREVISEC, reporting is no longer a bone-dry form! The selection of customizable scenarios, which can also be provided based on location and user group, keeps the process extremely simple: Each user will only find relevant and clear options at any time – both when selecting scenarios and within the reporting in a scenario. In addition, the entire content of each scenario can be precisely controlled. Known details are always pre-filled by the system to save time. The user can adjust them if necessary, add further details and add attachments such as photos and documents.

PREVISEC eliminates unnecessary and time-consuming reporting. Every IP-communication-enabled system (e.g. via connected sensors, apps) can create incidents via the reporting interface and thus pass on important information or transfer it to a structured, transparent workflow designed according to your wishes. If additional data is required for existing messages, it can be merged from other systems into PREVISEC using a so-called “micro service”. The consistent centralization saves time and employees can concentrate on solving and avoiding problems.

With PREVISEC, reporting provides added value: If an employee creates a manual report, the system issues SOPs depending on the context of his report. The SOPs help to deal with the situation properly and to think of everything important. In this way, it can be ensured that corporate guidelines with regard to the handling of certain topics and events are being complied with in a demonstrable manner. Employees receive support and gain confidence in their actions.

With PREVISEC, reporting becomes convenient: One platform, all paths: PREVISEC enables reporting in many ways, e.g. via app, with voice recording, via sensor technology, via input on the PC, tablet or smartphone, or just by pushing a button in third-party systems.

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With PREVISEC, notifications work smarter: People can be informed on different channels (in parallel) when a new incident has been reported for a scenario. The notification can also be made dependent on the location or on a specification made during reporting. For example, a safety manager can only be informed if an employee has been harmed. In addition to individuals and specific roles or qualifications, distribution lists of individuals and service provider companies can also be included in the notifications. This gives them dedicated access to individual processes and allows them to be involved quickly and in a targeted manner. As a platform, PREVISEC enables flexible connection to additional channels, such as alerting tools and messaging apps.


PREVISEC recognizes who needs to be addressed, informs only the really responsible service providers in each case and implements on-call services easily. Rapid information to all relevant stakeholders ensures that response and support are timely and accurate. PREVISEC automatically notifies users of new content or changes to an incident if they want to monitor the recovery progress. When people receive tasks or tasks exceed their due dates, they are explicitly contacted about an incident via PREVISEC.

Recovery & Management


PREVISEC makes incident management simple. A coherent set of editing features supports team work and coordination until the case is fully resolved. In addition to personal comments, uploads and mentions from other users to draw their attention to content, there is a structured task management. You can even define automated workflows – workflows including due dates and reminders are controlled automatically. Attachments such as forms and statements can be created and fills digitally as attachments – putting an end to the intranet odyssey.


With PREVISEC, you are guaranteed not to miss any important updates. Especially in the case of high-profile incidents, media tracking helps to record and evaluate relevant online content. The watchlist also ensures that users are informed about new content and changes. Ten times the question “So, what’s new?” – Everyone will already know!


With PREVISEC, you keep the perfect overview. You can define your own processes for different scenarios and also evaluate processes on the basis of a risk assessment with a criticality. With these elements, PREVISEC helps both operational teams and management to keep the ideal overview and to be able to focus at any time, in addition to the classification.


With PREVISEC, everything is really in one place. For many processes, further insights are gained over time, new or updated data is required. By connecting to important systems such as ERP, production management, planning tools, delivery management, CCTV management, etc., you can make incident management smarter with PREVISEC and search, update and transfer data. This saves time, money and eliminates sources of error.
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PREVISEC makes alerting simple. Predefined distribution lists and messages make starting an alert fast and uncomplicated.

The connection of event triggers automatically ensures the delivery of important information. In this way, you can reliably reach employees and service providers. You can flexibly add people and adjust distribution lists at any time – and on all channels: app, call, mail, SMS – and many more! You decide whether a meeting is necessary and specify the time and place. Of course, users can also just be informed and, if necessary, start the collaboration on their own after a confirmation. For less experienced users, there is explicit assistance – alerting in an emergency or crisis becomes an easy task for everyone.
PREVISEC delivers performance. Do you need to inform many people in the shortest possible time? With PREVISEC you have access to a high-performance architecture that allows you to deliver product locks, security alerts, etc. within the shortest possible time.

PREVISEC creates transparency. You want to check availabilities and prefer to make a conference call? Then go ahead! PREVISEC gives you all the options and shows you if your alert has been received. Who has read through the info on the current case? You will not be bothered by queries via e-mail, telephone and What’s App! The conference call can start automatically as soon as everyone is available.

With PREVISEC you ensure reaction and ability to act in critical situations.

Crisis management


Any incident can escalate into a crisis.

With PREVISEC, you are prepared for it: The crisis teams are stored in the system and regularly practice their work in various scenarios with PREVISEC. In an emergency, the alert guarantees that all required competencies come together as fast as possible for exchange. Whether a physical meeting, a telephone conference or a web meeting – PREVISEC supports you flexibly. Due to unexpected developments or highly specific requirements, external persons may need to be called in to support a case with their expertise. User profile, role, password? No way! With PREVISEC, you can spontaneously involve external persons in crisis management at any time via a secure authentication mechanism. All you need is contact information.


PREVISEC ensures clarity. Best overview, ideal usability, the clear separation of basic information, discussion, comments/ideas and resolutions as well as an elegant task management to track the implementation make the work of your crisis team highly effective. The integration of methodological principles also supports a level-headed and structured approach even in heated situations. Clean versioning ensures that nothing is lost and a review is possible at any time. PREVISEC’s quote function also ensures clarity in the discussion and ensures unambiguous references. Remote and hybrid crisis management teams are ideally supported. Protocols are available at the push of a button.

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With PREVISEC you get better. Probably the most popular chart in PREVISEC is the comparison to previous periods: You have implemented a measure and want to know if it works? How exactly it works? Or does it depend on the type of site, the location, or the qualification of the personnel used? With PREVISEC you can find out and quantify the effect of implemented measures more effective than ever before!

Understand and minimize risks

Situational picture & analysis


With PREVISEC, reporting is just one click away. Tedious compilation and manual visualization of incident data in spreadsheet tools is now a thing of the past! With PREVISEC you can generate comprehensive evaluations for any location, area or category of incidents. You can easily create comparative views and easily use the views in reports and presentations.
Support risk assessment. The data from incident management and your audits, in conjunction with master data, provide an important contribution to comprehensive risk assessment. Whether damage levels, resolution times, criticalities or frequencies – in conjunction with the security and operational parameters and measures, you can easily evaluate individual risk and the effectiveness of mitigation measures. To make the data conveniently available to other departments, it can be retrieved via interface and used in other tools and reporting channels.
Detailed analytics on risks and costs. PREVISEC uses a variety of in-depth and well-founded statistical measures and methods to tangibly analyze damage, risk and recovery performance. This is complemented by specially developed KPIs that help you to make valid statements and assessments. All figures and measures are transported in comprehensible visualizations so that a quick evaluation is possible. PREVISEC delivers the most comprehensive and helpful analyses for incident management.
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