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Even the best protective solutions in a company’s IT landscape leave structured preparation of incident responses and recovery plans indispensable. One of the biggest challenges still is to effectively and successfully organize the cooperation of specialists with users and stakeholders throughout the company so that professional support is perceived and always requested by employees thanks to a appropriate level of awareness. From initial information to full resolution, PREVISEC enables you to ensure information flows and actions on IT incidents and minimize risks and downtime. Providing controlled transparency and perfect support, PREVISEC also helps to break down reservations among employees and raise security awareness. Last but not least, the steps taken for more security in the company are made measurable and comparable – a benefit that every management loves!

PREVISEC is the interface between employees, management and specialists

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PREVISEC Incident Management has it all

Obtain structured information from third-party systems and employees about incidents to identify and isolate any threats. In Order to support the fast resolution of incidents every report features tools for collaboration, communication and futher information. The single source of truth ensures more efficient coordination of incident & recovery processes.
In addition PREVISEC allows you to guarantee a consistently high level of quality accross every scenario and to ensure a consolidation of procedural know how while making it available to everyone in your organization. The resulting transparency creates excellent awareness.

SOP’s for a confident handling of incidents

Every day, spam emails are sent to companies, often containing doubtful links or attachments with malware, devices are stolen or left in public places by employees, social hacking attempts are made, or data leaks are exploited by criminals.
In such situations, employees directly affected often react incorrectly, not quickly enough or sometimes not at all due to fear, ignorance or shame. Word documents on some drive, which ideally represent processes according to a standard, do not help at this moment.
With PREVISEC, you provide immediate guidance in form of SOPs that give your employees the first measures to take in tricky situations and thus bridge the time until help is available in the best possible way and hand over concrete steps for action. In the background, all relevant departments and contact persons are automatically involved and specialists are mobilized for the respective scenario – it couldn’t be faster or more effective.
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Quick help easily accessible

With PREVISEC, you lower the barrier for employees to report incidents and irregularities. With the simple and discreet reporting, with its associated functions and processes, which ensures a positive experience for employees , you create a valuable help and service character and reduce the sense of shame of employees from collaborating openly in case of uncertainty and possible errors in dealing with IT-issues.
By increasing transparency within the company, you improve the perception of IT security risks and increase the chance of avoiding potential risks. External service providers can be integrated easily as experts for specific topics – a single touchpoint for everyone, all experts on any topic combined!

Scenario planning on point

With PREVISEC, you can easily create a complete, flexible and dynamic scenario planning for any possible situation. So you prepare your organization for all eventualities and secure its ability to act up to a crisis situation.
Tailored to the needs of your employees, your infrastructure and your organization and easily accessible to all stakeholders, the scenarios in PREVISEC provide the best possible support for fast and targeted incident responses. So you avoid surprises and always maintain full control.
With the integrated approach of cross-departmental collaboration with other departments such as HR, Safety, Public Relations, etc., you also manage the diverse communication and organizational requirements more easily and efficiently with PREVISEC.
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Understanding risks and deriving measures

PREVISEC provides you with numerous analysis options that make risks and costs more visible than ever before. All data is collected centrally in PREVISEC for this purpose and can be evaluated using a wide variety of filters. This gives you an overview at any time of which weak points in your company are particularly sensitive and allows you to derive effective measures to protect employees and assets. The effectiveness of the implemented measures and decisions can easily be seen on the dashboard.
By the way: PREVISEC Training & Awareness helps you to sensitize your employees and to handle future incidents even more efficiently or to prevent them from occurring at all.
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Unser Incident Management System basiert auf einer Web-Applikation, die jeder Mitarbeiter kennt und die auch jeder bei Bedarf nutzen soll. Nachdem ein Vorfall gemeldet wurde, werden alle notwendigen Fachabteilungen automatisch benachrichtigt und bekommen über das System alle wichtigen Informationen zu dem Vorfall zur Verfügung gestellt – und sind somit schnell in der Lage, notwendige Maßnahmen einzuleiten.

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