With PREVISEC you can concentrate on the essential things in the catering business.

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In restaurants, canteens and system gastronomy, everyday life is often exhausting and stressful. Employees are exposed to high stress due to time pressure and should have their backs free in order to fully concentrate on what is most important: Happy guests! Everything else has to be handled quickly and without complications in order to minimize time loss, revenue loss, (reputation) damage and loss of motivation.
With PREVISEC Incident Management you master technical, personnel and guest-related incidents and processes smoothly and ensure an excellent guest experience with high quality and satisfied employees.

Save time and take your daily business to the next digital level

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Handle guest complaints confidently

Report guest complaints and inquiries in no time and resolve potential conflicts professionally with PREVISEC. As employees create incidents in PREVISEC, assistance in terms of SOPs become directly visible and supporting departments can be easily involved.
With the help of simple analysis functions, you get an excellent overview of the complaints and derive targeted measures for even better guest service.

Guest data management as simple as never before

Say goodbye to slips of paper that have to be placed on the tables and collected afterwards. Your guests conveniently scan a QR code and enter their data – this works super reliably on more than 99% of all devices. The data is stored in PREVISEC and can be transmitted to the relevant authorities with just a few clicks in case of inquiries. They are well protected from unauthorized access. The deletion of the collected data takes place automatically and without annoying paper waste according to a state-specific defined period of time.
Some guests insist on good old paper? No problem – simply digitize already filled forms afterwards with PREVISEC! On top we create the web app individually in your corporate design. 


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Reporting incidents made easy

With PREVISEC, you give your employees an easy-to-use tool to report incidents of any kind discreetly. These can be threats such as fights, technical problems, theft or even sexual harassment and bullying. The direct assistance, the certainty that all necessary communication is automated and that support will be organized as quickly as possible, if necessary, makes PREVISEC a popular companion for personnel.
You will notice frequent incidents and increased risks thanks to the cooperation with all employees in the analyses. With PREVISEC you are demonstrably able to reduce risks in the long term.

The “digital emergency folder” in the company

Occupational safety is a constant and important companion in the catering industry. With PREVISEC, you can provide your employees with an always up-to-date “digital emergency folder” that can be easily viewed by all employees at any time via smartphone, tablet, or PC. This helps you to deal with situations such as industrial accidents or medical emergencies correctly and to carry out important immediate measures until further help arrives.
With PREVISEC’s dynamic scenarios, you can even turn the emergency folder for reference into an active companion in any situation! This is support that provides employees and guests with a safe environment.
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Keeping the business sustain

If an IT malfunction causes the payment system to fail, it is no longer possible to post revenues or issue receipts. This case should be very well regulated, because otherwise waiting times will be greatly prolonged and you and your employees will incur considerable additional expense.
If the ordering system, kitchen equipment, the supply chain or the cooling system are affected, the operation even often comes to a stop or experiences considerable restrictions. With PREVISEC, you ensure clear and structured communication and an orderly approach that helps to resolve the problem as fast as possible. Responsible departments, such as the technical department, an external service provider or the plant management, are notified immediately so that the malfunction can be fixed. Employees on site are supported by PREVISEC with instructions on interim solutions and supporting measures, so that new employees also have certainty of action. This allows you to get back to orderly operations as quickly as possible.

Manage product lockouts safely

It is not unlikely that products in the food industry and gastronomy have to be called back due to contamination or foreign objects. With PREVISEC you can safely implement product lockouts and product blocks from suppliers by issuing a warning to all your locations not to use certain products with just a few clicks. 
Have you produced food that should not be consumed under any circumstances due to unforeseen contamination? Use the speed of PREVISEC and issue a warning to your partners while documenting any incidents conveniently and audit-proof.
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PREVISEC supports you in every situation


Power outage
IT failure
Cash register failure
Cooling & ventilation system failure
Reservation system failure
Quality deficits
Supply shortages
Customer complaints
Material damage
Fraud with counterfeit money, credit cards or vouchers
Medical emergencies
Product Lockouts & Callbacks
Safety warnings
Risk to operating times due to damage
Quality management
Guest data collection
Sexual harrassment
Physical confrontations
and many more…