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The corporate environment is changing constantly and with increasing speed – and with it, the requirements for corporate security are changing. With PREVISEC, you effectively implement dynamic security concepts and emergency plans in companies and ensure that incident management delivers noticeably added value. Employees benefit from direct assistance and appreciate the certainty that they can always get in touch with specialists. With PREVISEC, interdisciplinary teams are able to quickly assess incidents and take the necessary steps. User-friendly analyses, a reliable situation picture and seamless integration with crisis management complete the solution.

PREVISEC dovetails incident management with BIA, contingency planning and restart routines.

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Reporting as simple as never before

PREVISEC enables simple reporting via various channels, such as manual reports, API, etc. and provides you with a complete picture of the situation as well as timely information on incidents and risks. This allows you to quickly assess the situation and initiate the necessary steps.
Create an alerting concept with PREVISEC that ensures your organization’s availibility and ability to act – digitally, reliably, always available.

PREVISEC has your back

Create SOPs and instructions for scenarios that provide your employees with initial measures and reactions in difficult situations until specialist help can intervene if necessary. According to policies you support teams & employees in a situation-related and concrete way to behave correctly and to provide support or avoid mistakes. This maximizes the chances that your business operations will not be negatively affected in the long term.

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Scenario planning on point

With PREVISEC, you can easily create a complete, flexible and dynamic scenario planning for any possible situation. So, you prepare your organization for all eventualities and secure its ability to act even to a crisis. For this purpose, you implement an alerting concept with the scenarios that ensures the availability of important resources.
Tailored to the needs of your employees, your infrastructure and your organization and easily accessible to all stakeholders, the scenarios in PREVISEC provide the best possible support for fast and targeted responses to incidents. So, you avoid surprises and always maintain full control.
With the integrated approach of cross-departmental collaboration with other departments such as HR, Safety, Public Relations, IT, etc. you also manage the diverse communication and organizational requirements more easily and efficiently with PREVISEC.

Incident Management reorganized

The right people are always involved in each incident thanks to the alerting concept. PREVISEC clearly puts all information from various sources together and helps you to quickly assess any situation. Involve all necessary stakeholders directly and automatically, if necessary. Provide information or assign tasks directly to selected responsibilities.
You can also use the platform to intervene in a controlling or supportive manner at any time, while simultaneously documenting measures and reactions. Thanks to the “single source of truth”, there is always clarity about the situation and the status of an incident – this improves internal and external communication.
Thanks to the integrated possibility of escalation into crisis management in PREVISEC, you can react to critical developments at an early stage if necessary and build crisis management seamlessly onto incident management.
Incident Management neu organisieren
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Understand risks and derive measures

PREVISEC provides you with numerous analysis options that make risks, costs and successes more visible and tangible than ever before. All data is collected centrally in PREVISEC and can be analyzed using a wide range of filters and views. This allows you to see at any time which incidents are particularly frequent or costly in your company and to derive effective measures to minimize impact, costs and to protect employees and assets. The effectiveness of the implemented measures and decisions can be easily seen on the dashboard.
By the way:  PREVISEC Training & Awareness helps you to sensitize your employees and to handle future incidents even more efficiently or to prevent them from occurring at all.
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Unser Incident Management System basiert auf einer Web-Applikation, die jeder Mitarbeiter kennt und die auch jeder bei Bedarf nutzen soll. Nachdem ein Vorfall gemeldet wurde, werden alle notwendigen Fachabteilungen automatisch benachrichtigt und bekommen über das System alle wichtigen Informationen zu dem Vorfall zur Verfügung gestellt – und sind somit schnell in der Lage, notwendige Maßnahmen einzuleiten.

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