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PREVISEC as a platform

With PREVISEC, you establish a platform in the organization whose task is to organize resources across departments and organizations in such a way that incidents are resolved efficiently. With its central node function, you use PREVISEC to have complete and up-to-date information available at all times and to proactively control the resolution processes. To this end, PREVISEC combines all important functions such as reporting, interfaces to other systems for master data and incident data, reminders, documentation function, statuses, task management and notifications or alerts in a single, clearly structured application.

The differentiated control of user rights allows you to integrate internal stakeholders and users as well as suppliers and other external partners in a targeted and secure manner. By implementing PREVISEC, you connect all necessary resources and processes and support them to a single source of truth that controls and documents the entire incident management. This architecture also allows you to easily analyze all data to identify optimization potential and sustainable prevention approaches, which you can then implement through measures with measurable success. In crises, PREVISEC also supports your crisis team with all important functions for hybrid and virtual collaboration in the digital crisis room. Thanks to the seamless integration with incident management and the simply designed functions, the work in the crisis team is more effective.
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KPI PREVISEC supports more than 220000 employess in companies world wide every day
PREVISEC is already at more than 3200 locations in use every day
PREVISEC KPI over 2500 incidents are reportet per day

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Unser Incident Management System basiert auf einer Web-Applikation, die jeder Mitarbeiter kennt und die auch jeder bei Bedarf nutzen soll. Nachdem ein Vorfall gemeldet wurde, werden alle notwendigen Fachabteilungen automatisch benachrichtigt und bekommen über das System alle wichtigen Informationen zu dem Vorfall zur Verfügung gestellt – und sind somit schnell in der Lage, notwendige Maßnahmen einzuleiten.

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Implement PREVISEC in four easy steps

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Crosscheck of your incident management concept with our experts and fine-tuning for implementation in PREVISEC. Definition of the application concept.

Ideation bei der Einführung von Incident Management


Setup of the IT operating structure and configuration of all settings. Admin training is available as entertaining train-the-trainer and learning-by-doing sessions.

Mit PREVISEC Incident Management schnell durchstartetn


User onboarding (rollout), continuous support. In the process, initial optimizations are carried out after consultation.

Teamwork und Zusammenarbeit mit dem Team von PREVISEC Incident Management


Operating phase: Continuous support by personal contact persons. Support with the use of new functions (e.g. first analyses).

What is Incident Management about & why is it useful for my organization?

What is an Incident?

An Incident is any event or condition that you can not consider to regular business processes in your company. Incidents have the potential to disrupt the regular operations of your company and can result in damage of various kinds to employees, customers, assets or the brand reputation. With an incident management system, you report all incidents and make the data available to the right decision makers and stakeholders for resolution.

Why should you manage incidents?

Incidents cause costs and are a risk. To ensure that you can resolve incidents efficiently and prevent damage, it is important that your company is as well organized and prepared as possible to respond quickly and correctly. This is the only way to effectively protect employees, revenue and your company’s brand. Moreover, any incident can unexpectedly develop into a crisis – if you don’t start managing the situation in a coordinated manner until then, you will have lost valuable time and missed the opportunity to quickly regain control.
Incidents can also help you identify trends and problems and implement appropriate countermeasures – making incident management data an important cornerstone for your risk analysis and prevention efforts. By transferring information from various sources to a central system and controlling it from here, you ensure fast information flows, the simplest possible solutions, transparency and your organization’s ability to act.

Your added value through Incident Management

Incident Management creates effective collaborative solutions for simple and complex incidents. Companies can break down the silos of know-how and expertise in individual departments and knowledge carriers and prepare themselves holistically for all risks that arise from their business environment – from incidents to tangible crises. You don’t just write plans, you put concrete support and solution processes in place that proactively support employees. Through the single source of truth or single point of contact, you significantly reduce the complexity and cost of incident management and make problem resolution clear, efficient, and easier for everyone involved. The comprehensive analyses also help you to exploit optimization potential.

With PREVISEC you will never miss any potential risk.

With PREVISEC you control notifications and alerts for the most diverse scenarios and ensure the effective implementation of measures also in cooperation with external service providers and institutions. You unite all sources of information for incidents on one platform and give all stakeholders the necessary overview and to proactively take part in the resolution. Clear responsibilities, increased awareness and supportive automation help to report and resolve all scenarios.

With PREVISEC, you always stay in control of the situation.

Thanks to PREVISEC, your teams always keep an overview and set the right priorities when handling incidents. If an Incidents escalates, PREVISEC seamlessly supports you in crisis management and additionally handles product recalls, evacuations, security alerts and mass alerts.

An excellent overview, first-class usability and solid documentation support targeted incident management without time losses and errors. This significantly improves response times and minimizes damage.

PREVISEC ensures the reputation of your organization.

With PREVISEC, you make a demonstrable contribution to reducing risk and audit costs. With PREVISEC, you create transparency about incidents in your organization and thus directly influence the awareness of your employees and partners. With the comprehensive analyses of locations and areas, risks, recovery performance and incident costs, you develop an understanding of the causes and correlations of incidents in your organization. You are able to implement preventive and inhibitory measures in a targeted manner and to monitor their effect. With PREVISEC you create the key for targeted and sustainable prevention.

PREVISEC makes a significant contribution to a positive experience with your brand – for customers, guests, employees and partners of your organization.

Organize cross-competence incident management simply and efficiently

The Platform and Single Source of Truth for Incident Management

As a platform that brings together incidents from a wide variety of sources and always provides a complete overview of necessary actions as well as all documentation, PREVISEC represents the most efficient form for cooperative, cross-departmental management of incidents. Due to its structure and controlled transparency, information and know-how silos are broken down by PREVISEC.

Seamlessly from incident source to complete resolution

Fast situation information for evaluation and decision-making, automatic standard operating procedures, clear coordination and communication as well as all tools for effective teamwork, knowing and evaluating incidents at earliest stage, initiating and documenting measures, initiating further processes and measures or escalating individual cases to crisis management – with PREVISEC, you are able to act at any time thanks to fast information, automatic SOPs as well as clear coordination and communication without having to switch between tools and organize consultations at competence interfaces.

Incident Management thought ahead

The comprehensive analyses in conjunction with the participation of all employees and managed transparency, help to raise awareness throughout the organization for the right issues. PREVISEC helps management to develop new approaches and concepts and to measure their success in incident management. In scenario planning and lessons learned, you secure your organization´s know-how and make it available to all users.

How PREVISEC works

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PREVISEC works with…

By integrating established, individual and popular systems, you make PREVISEC your perfect incident management and a popular helper within your teams. Automated notifications from machines and sensors, connection to used apps and applications as well as automatically supplemented data from third-party systems make your incident management even more efficient and easier! Employees communicate on familiar channels and can fully concentrate on the important issues.

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