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In the past 5 years, we have developed an incredibly long list of things “that could be done” through the really enriching collaboration with customers and prospects. In addition, we noticed ourselves in some places that we would have handled things a little differently today.
In 2021, it’s “subjunctive overboard”! We are very happy to announce that we will release PREVISEC no.5 in the first half of this year. A consistent continuation of the strengths of our application with a suitcase full of adjustments that make the use of the solution even better. So that it will continue to be said that PREVISEC is the tidiest and most complete solution for incident management.
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Developed in Darmstadt and hosted in Germany!
For the development of our products we rely on the location of the digital city Darmstadt with its numerous knowledge institutions to ensure the highest quality and topicality. Regarding the technical work areas as well as professional topics from the application, we keep up a network of institutions that connect us with interesting contacts. Fraunhofer Institute for Secure Information Technology SITHUB31 – Technologie- und Gründerzentrum DarmstadtATHENE-Center Telekom TechBoost.
Fast servers hosted in Germany are a guarantee for excellent availability. Multiple redundancy ensures the availability of our products while up-to-date and proven recovery processes prevent long downtimes.
Now available in english
After exciting discussions throughout Europe, we have decided to offer our website in English from now on, in order to provide interested parties and customers from all over the world with all relevant information. To do this, simply and conveniently use the switch in the top right corner and read all content from and in your preferred language.
The consulting and software company Controllit AG and SMART DATA Deutschland GmbH agree to cooperate in the marketing of their software products.
The emergency planning software [alive-IT] and the incident management software PREVISEC are connected via an interface. “The combination of our solutions represents a unique selling point on the market. In the future, for example, incidents processed via PREVISEC can be automatically transferred to the [alive-IT] software, where they serve as a source of information for assessing site risks. At the same time, restart procedures from [alive-IT] can be linked to incident processes in PREVISEC, so that restart processes can be started when emergencies are detected from PREVISEC,” says Controllit AG CEO Matthias Rosenberg.
“We are looking forward to a successful cooperation and are convinced that the combination of the two solutions will offer a real advantage to many customers. We will present this solution at various online events next year,” says the CEO of SMART DATA Deutschland GmbH, Alexander Berger.
About the companies:
The software company SMART DATA Deutschland GmbH relies on the location of the digital city Darmstadt with its numerous initiatives and knowledge institutions to stay on the ball in the development of its own software and to guarantee its customers the highest quality and topicality. In addition to PREVISEC, the company has also developed the software footprints, an effective solution for optimizing the customer touch points of companies and their service offering in the offline area.
In the 20 years since its founding, Controllit AG has become one of the leading companies for business continuity management, IT service continuity management and crisis management. In addition to consulting, Controllit AG has also been developing its emergency planning software [alive-IT] for 20 years. This was recently awarded a gold medal by SoftwareReview.
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The new PREVISEC partner label

The PREVISEC Trusted Partner label indicates independent partners who can demonstrate possible uses for PREVISEC in your company and products that have been tested in use with PREVISEC and deliver added value as an integration with PREVISEC. Wherever you see this label, you know what you can rely on.


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Seizing the momentum for digitization

Felix Möller, Key Account Manager at SMART DATA, describes in a guest article on Stadionwelt his view of necessary steps regarding digitalization in german companies in order to be prepared for the future.

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Gastbeitrag Momentum für Digitalisierung nutzen Stadionwelt Vorschau
Gästedatenerfassung mit PREVISEC

The implementation of the SARS-CoV-2 containment regulation poses problems for many organizations in terms of guest contact data collection. Filling out the forms in paper form often proves difficult here, as it requires additional work that staff must compensate for without neglecting their actual activities. This is often followed by a manual digitization process by the responsible team, operations or regional manager. But PREVISEC offers a simple solution that allows guests to store their contact details in three simple steps, so that chains of infection can be detected in the event of illness:

  • Simply scan the QR code
  • Enter the necessary data
  • Receive confirmation

Learn more about how you can easily integrate PREVISEC contact data capture into your organization to save time and mountains of paper and reduce infection risks: Click here

Kontaktdatenerfassung mit PREVISEC Registrierungsprozess mobil