Describing „previsec“


Members of the community benefit from automatically sharing data on crime and other undesirable behaviors (= incidents) combined with the information about persons related to those incidents. For this purpose, tracking devices (“trackers”) provided to the customers by SMART DATA constantly log any device that is within their detection range. If a device linked to an incident by the intelligent algorithms approaches the area of a community member, the community member is warned in real time.
Due to the early received information, each member is better able to adapt to possible upcoming situations in an optimized preventive manner. Possible damages can be reliably averted. This unique realization of „prevention“ through the automatic exchange of information about crime across corporate boundaries is offered to customers with minimal entry barriers (installation limits to putting a plug to mains power, no prerequisites of any kind for participation). In addition, the „security as a service“ product represents a comparatively inexpensive security measure, so it can be integrated as an additional measure to increase efficiency in an existing security concept. This is in short, how the brand previsec wants to be understood: The perfect add-on for any security solution to deliver the best experience in protection you ever had.
The vision of the security community previsec is to be able to completely rule out crime and other unwanted behavior at the locations of community member with the help of optimal, situation-specific prevention. The warnings, which are related to an increased risk for the occurrence of a specific type of incident, can be used to coordinate preventive measures to prevent the customer to be affected with an incident at all.
The protection of previsec ranges from less serious incidents such as harassment of staff or unauthorized access to internal areas, to fraud and theft, to acts of violence and attacks. A global network of all companies should make it impossible for all perpetrators to get active a second time within the community.
The funding by EFRE will help complete the development according to the elaborated concept and building on what’s been done so far.